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Remember Ross Perot? Several years ago, Perot had a debate with Al Gore. The subject was NAFTA and whether that agreement would be a positive or negative for the citizens of the United States. According to the press, Perot was soundly drubbed by Gore in the debate. You may recall that Gore used brilliant logic such as "we have already lost thousands of jobs to Asia . . . therefore the argument that we will lose jobs to NAFTA is meaningless."

It would appear that Perot is being proved correct. Yes, there are giant sucking sounds out there.We lost $40 billion to save the peso. Previous to NAFTA, we had a positive balance of trade with Mexico. We are now deeply in the red. NAFTA has not stopped or even slowed the flow of illegal aliens across the border. Automobile factories and other labor-intensive businesses continue to relocate to Mexico and other Third World countries. The jobs associated with these companies could have been filled by inner city youths who are now unemployed.

Other sucking sounds seem to be coming from our judicial system, which continues to erode the original Constitution. Its most recent attack is on the right to own property. Government can now direct the use of property for ecological purposes even though that property is supposedly is "privately owned."

The NEA seems to be bent on a course of sucking all basic morality from the curriculum of public school students and replacing it with the theorems of liberalism. Don't grade students or their work, you might discourage them; give them condoms - they can't control themselves and we don't expect them to try. Teach them evolutionary concepts, but don't let them sing a nonsectarian hymn in a public school setting.

Alan Greenhalgh