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Once again the national media is heralding the supposed return of Ross Perot to the spotlight after the United We Stand meeting in Dallas.

Since the last national election, the public has heard little from Perot, and he has not been an important player in the national dialogue over the issues dividing Washington and the nation. Now that another presidential election looms, Perot, who dropped out during the '92 race because he could not take the scrutiny into his private and public lives, wants to become a player in the political agenda.The meeting in Dallas saw a hall that was not even half-full and brought out Republicans who shamelessly wooed this small group of disgruntled activists. Perot, always the showman, hawked a book, while the Republican contenders for president told the audience what it wanted to hear. The fact that extremist Pat Buchanan got the largest applause reinforces the fact that this group is merely an arm of the Republican right-wing.

Ever the media's darling, Perot milked this event for all the airplay he could get, appearing on national news programs and ensuring that his group got the headlines in the papers. The last presidential race, in my opinion, proved to most Americans that Perot is a grandstanding entertainer who loves the spotlight until true examination of himself and his ideas elicits criticism and fair opposition.

I do not believe Perot can any longer be taken seriously. Coming out of hiding every four years to try to influence the presidential elections is not my idea of a statesman.

Kent W. Price

Salt Lake City