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Theo Mattson's wallet was returned to him - 46 years after he lost it at the Egyptian Theatre.

The return of the wallet on Wednesday opened up a time capsule of his life in 1949.In it was a picture of his smiling 17-year-old sweetheart - now his wife of 47 years. On the photo, she had written, "All my love, Toni."

Mattson also found a picture of his infant son, now grown, as well as pay receipts, his Navy discharge and miscellaneous scraps of paper. Missing was the money.

The wallet was found by Dan Widdison, a supervisor for Big-D Construction Corp., which is renovating the theater. A couple of weeks ago he was where the men's room used to be and happened to look on top of a concrete ledge that had been hidden behind a wall and door for decades.

"I just looked up . . . and there was someone's wallet," he said.

Widdison said he thought about looking for the owner but got sidetracked with work. It wasn't until Tuesday that he pulled out his phone book and called every Matt-son listed.

There were 13, and Theo Mat-tson was at the bottom of the list.

Mattson, 68, who now lives in Roy, said he is in Utah only by chance. He had left the state in the 1960s and returned last October when his brother died. He and Toni decided to stay.

Mattson figures a cleaner in the theater probably found his wallet, took the money and then stashed it. There wouldn't have been much cash anyway, he said. The pay slips showed he was making about 75 cents an hour.

"I remember going to the movies, it cost 50 cents," he said.