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QUITTING: Colombian Defense Minister Fernando Botero announced his resignation Wednesday amid allegations that he knew about drug traffickers donating $3.6 million to President Ernesto Samper's election campaign. "I will present my resignation to the consideration of the president," Botero, who ran Samper's election campaign last year, told a news conference. The prosecutor-general's office on Monday asked Colombia's Supreme Court to investigate the roles played by Botero and Communications Minister Armando Benedetti in the campaign.

SHAKEUP: Saudi Arabia's King Fahd replaced his veteran oil and finance ministers Wednesday in Saudi Arabia's most significant leadership shakeup since he came to power in 1982. Oil Minister Hisham Nazer will be succeeded by the president and chief executive of the giant petroleum company Saudi Aramco, Ali bin Ibrahim al-Naimi, according to a royal decree. The finance and national economy minister, Mohammed Abalkhail, also lost his job and will be replaced by Suleiman bin Abdel-Aziz al-Sulaim, the commerce minister.

Across the nation

NOT OVER YET: Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's remains are locked in a Portage, Wis., morgue more than eight months after his death while his parents debate whether to let scientists study his brain. Dahmer's mother, Joyce Flint, wants the brain examined to determine whether biological factors influenced her son's actions, Columbia County coroner Keith Epps said Tuesday. His father, Lionel Dahmer, objects, wishing to put "the whole thing behind him," Epps said. After police found body parts in Jeffrey Dahmer's Milwaukee apartment in 1991, he admitted killing 17 young men and boys, mutilating and sometimes cannibalizing his victims.

AIR-BORN: With the help of an off-duty flight attendant, Bruce and Julie Tu's new son entered the world about 33,000 feet in the air. The baby arrived two weeks early, during a Southwest Airlines flight Tuesday from Kansas City, Mo., to Phoenix, Ariz., said airline spokeswoman Terry Eisenbart. The Tus were making their return trip to San Francisco after a vacation to Chicago. The plane was rerouted to Albuquerque when Julie Tu went into labor over Las Vegas, N.M., and 102 passengers were moved to give her room to deliver the 6-pound, 7-ounce boy.