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The prison informant who led police last week to the bodies of two teenage girls buried at a pig farm is now a suspect in their deaths.

Detectives are focusing on the inmate, Roberto Victor Arguelles, because of his knowledge about the cases and his history of violent sexual offenses, according to sources close to the investigation.Arguelles, 33, was convicted of aggravated sexual abuse of a child in May 1992 and is serving an 18-years-to-life sentence at the Point of the Mountain.

Based on information from him, investigators uncovered the skeletal remains last week of Tuesday Roberts, 15, and Lisa Martinez, 16.

Arguelles, who was on parole at the time of the girls' disappearances, began discussing their cases with a prison investigator 18 months ago. Last week, he "confessed" that he had witnessed the burial of the teenagers in 1992 but did not participate in their deaths, the sources said.

However, investigators believe he may be the killer.

In 1980, Arguelles, then 18 years old, was charged with attempted capital murder, forcible sodomy and two counts of aggravated assault in the abduction of two Granger schoolgirls.

Prosecutors said Arguelles stabbed his second victim three times in her back and slashed her throat ear-to-ear, leaving for her dead. But the girl dragged herself to a neighbor's door.

He pleaded guilty two months later to one count of forcible sodomy and the attempted capital murder charge.

But he was paroled less than 12 years later.

Police arrested him on Aug. 9, 1992, for molesting two children at an elementary school playground.