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Owners of the Moore Business Park in Payson say they have, well, more to offer retail business owners, especially those just getting into retail sales.

Last fall, the business park, 858 E. 100 North (U.S. 6), opened its doors to businesses looking for space.Connie Moore, who co-owns the park with her husband, Dick, said it was originally planned as a storage warehouse or for more trades-oriented business space. But after the Moores put in more than $300,000 worth of improvements, they started getting a lot of interest from people with ideas for retail stores.

"We thought we'd get businesses that needed garages, like plumbing or electrical businesses, but it was so nice that we got a lot of other calls," she said. "We really didn't expect it to go fully retail, but it looks like that's what going to happen."

The business park, which was actually completed in November, features seven 1,000-square-foot units. It opened in March with three tenants. A fourth is expected to open this month. Those businesses are:

- Carol's Copy Center, which offers a range of copying services, binding and laminating.

- Price Company Carpet and Drapes, which features a full line of blinds, drapes and carpets and manufactures its drapes in one of the two units the company is renting.

- Lori's Mane Image, a beauty shop and suntanning salon.

- The Gazebo, which will feature a full line of wedding services, catering and gifts when it opens.

Moore said that so far, her experience as a business landlord has been rewarding and a bit eye-opening.

"It's been interesting to see all the good ideas people have for starting businesses," she said. "And for them, I think this is a good place to start from, where they can go on to even bigger and better things."

Payson leaders, who have been working on the city's own industrial park, say they're pleased with what the Moores have been able to do with the space, which had been blighted.

"It's a great place for these satellite businesses to start off. They've really done a nice job on it," Economic Director Paul Blanchard said. "They've been trying to get good businesses into their park, and that's definitely one thing we're very much behind."

The Moore Business Park still has two units for rent. For more information, contact Connie or Richard Moore at 465-2709.