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The most popular U.S. cities with overseas visitors in 1994, according to the U.S. Travel and Tourism Administration:

1. New York City: 4,000,000.2. Los Angeles: 3,300,000.

3. Miami: 2,800,000

4. San Francisco: 2,500,000

5. Orlando: 2,300,000

5. Honolulu: 2,300,000

7. Las Vegas: 1,800,000

8. Washington, D.C.: 1,300,000

9. Chicago: 960,000

10. Boston: 922,000

- Chicago Tribune


Which airports are always happy landings - and which are better for fly-bys? An International Air Transport Association survey rated 31 gateway airports in Europe and North America and found that Amsterdam Schiphol rated highest for "Overall Passenger Convenience" by transatlantic passengers in 1994.

Bringing up the rear were New York's JFK, rated last for leisure passengers, and Paris' Orly, last with business passengers. Chicago O'Hare and the Calgary and Vancouver international airports were rated most improved.

Airports with the most negative change in ratings included Washington Dulles (where construction was largely responsible), Minneapolis/St. Paul and Philadelphia. The ratings were based on services such as speed of check-in and baggage delivery, ease of flight connections, on-time departure and ground transport.- The Washington Post