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Hertz, which had expected to offer cars with computer navigational systems - which it calls Neverlost - in December 1994, now has them in Detroit, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The cars, linked to the global positioning satellite, have dashboard monitors that show where the car is and a map of how to get to a selected destination.

By mid-August, the company expects to have the special cars available in Atlanta, Chicago, Miami and New York and by the end of the month in Orlando and Washington, although the company will not specify how many it has available. Until Sept. 30, Hertz is not adding a surcharge for these cars, which may be requested on a first come, first served basis. Hertz's equipment is available on three models: Ford Contours and Tauruses and Lincoln Town Cars. Information: (800) 654-3131.Avis, which offered cars with the guidance system in three areas in late winter, now has 50 Oldsmobiles in New York with the equipment. According to Demetria Mudar, a spokeswoman for the company, they will be available at the three major New York airports, plus Westchester County airport and the East 64th Street and West 54th Street outlets. More are expected later.

Avis has been offering these cars in Florida and Atlanta; California and Nevada, and Detroit, Indianapolis and Chicago. The New York area cars have maps for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, with more detailed information on attractions within a 50-mile radius.

The cars may be requested, but not reserved; the rental fee is $5 a day more than for a full-sized car. Reservations: (800) 331-1212.