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BODY SPOTTED: Two Spanish climbers rescued from the world's second-highest peak confirmed Saturday that British climber Alison Hargreaves was among those killed when an avalanche struck the mountain. In a telephone conversation with Jose Bermudez, a fellow climber and research fellow at Cambridge University, the Spaniards said they had seen the Briton's body on K2 in the Himalayas. They identified it from clothing and climbing gear. It was still unclear Saturday how many climbers died when an avalanche and bad weather struck the mountain last Sunday.GORILLAS KILLED: Poachers have killed two mountain gorillas in Zaire's Virunga National Park, including a female that had become the park's best-known attraction over the past 10 years. The International Gorilla Conservation Program said Friday the two gorillas were killed Aug. 13. Virunga National Park contains about 300 mountain gorillas - about half the remaining population of the species. Before this year, the program said it 10 years had passed since poachers had killed gorillas in Virunga. The group's statement said it is conducting an intense investigation in an attempt to identify the poachers.

KIDS GIVEN CHOICE: Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori is insisting on a divorce from former first lady Susana Higuchi, but the court will allow the couple's two children, both minors, to decide which parent to live with. Fujimori and Higuchi attended a mandatory court hearing Friday night as part of their divorce proceedings to consider possible reconciliation. But the three-hour session concluded without a happy ending.

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SEX TRIAL: Both sides rested their cases, and closing arguments were set for Monday in the sex-abuse trial of Rep. Mel Reynolds, D-Ill. Reynolds, 43, is charged with having sex with a campaign worker when she was 16 and 17. He says he is the innocent victim of racial bias by a white prosecutor. The jury heard from three witnesses - all Chicago police officers - before they were sent home for the weekend. All three have testified before but were brought back by prosecutors to contradict Thursday's testimony by Sophia Green, a volunteer and friend for the two-term Democrat. Reynolds' accuser, Beverly Heard, 19, testified that she had three-way sex with Green and Reynolds when she was underage.

WELL-MANNERED: A man was charged Saturday with gunning down a member of the Gambino crime family outside a New York hospital in a $50,000 contract ordered to settle a loan-sharking dispute. In spite of a night in jail, Ernesto Rodriguez remembered his manners and complimented police. He was even nice to reporters. Rodriguez, 59, was arrested Friday night while hiding in a house, said Capt. John Hill, Manhattan chief of detectives. Rodriguez was charged with attempted murder and assault in the April 11 shooting of "Handsome" Jack Giordano, a reputed captain in the Gambino family. A bullet severed Giordano's spinal cord and he is paralyzed from the neck down.