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A phone tip and surveillance at a local motel ended with the arrest of three Ogden men police said went on a rampage at the Ogden City Cemetery last week, destroying about 70 headstones.

"I love it, I love it, I love it, " said cemetery supervisor Jerry McKean. "I'm just elated. It was a great ending to a bad week."Vandals on Aug. 11 ripped some old and large stones from the ground, tipped them over and pounded them into each other.

A news story this week prompted calls to police with tips, said detective Dave Lucas.

One led to the suspects.

Lucas said one of the men was arrested early Friday, and the other two were arrested in the afternoon at the Millstream Motel.

The suspects, ages 18, 22 and 23, face felony charges of criminal mischief because of the totality of the destruction, Lucas said.

The detective said one of the men explained a "bad mood" triggered his role in the vandalism.

"He hit one of the stones, and then another and another."

Some of the stones were damaged beyond repair.

Despite the distressing nature of the crime, McKean said it spawned a positive response. Clearfield Job Corps members volunteered to do some repairs, another group offered surveillance at the cemetery and a construction company said it would pay for repairs.

"Cemeteries are a very special place. When things happen like this, people get very angry and rightfully so. You expect a peaceful, serene environment and when you don't have that, people have a right to be angry."

The men were booked into the Weber County Jail and face arraignment next week.