Six strong supporters for the Central Utah Correctional Facility, its programs and the inmates have been recognized and cited for their involvement and interest.

Praising the honorees at recent Founders Day activities for their "contributions of time, energy and support" was Warden Fred Van Der Veur. He recognized the efforts of Dr. Max Lowe of Salt Lake City; Utah Sen. Leonard Black-ham, R-Moroni; Dr. Lamar H. Stewart, Irwin Mathews, and Richard Kjar, all of Gunnison; and hospital administrator Mark Stoddard, Nephi.Lowe has a keen interest in prison education. He is academic vice president at Salt Lake Community College and assistant commissioner with Utah's Board of Regents.

Blackham was cited for his legislative efforts in behalf of the Central Utah Correctional Facility and in the selection of Gunnison as the site for the prison.

Stewart was recognized as a humanitarian and community leader who has worked toward influencing the medical community in staffing the facility's medical department.

Mathews was instrumental in getting some 200 volunteers to serve inmates in religious capacities and in spearheading efforts to get a nondenominational chapel in the prison.

Kjar has served on the Citizen's Advisory Council, appointed as a representative by Sanpete County's mayors and commissioners. He has provided continual voluntary service to the facility.

Stoddard has spearheaded expansion of the Gunnison Valley Hospital, in part to better provide services needed by inmates.