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Last Saturday night at Franklin Quest Field, our baby son began choking and turned blue.

Although I've taken CPR courses, I panicked and could remember very little about what I should do. When I screamed for help, several people with calmer hands and cooler heads took quick action.We owe a huge thank you to several people: the woman who grabbed Marcus and held him face down, the woman who coached us as we hit him on the back, the woman and man who checked his pulse and respiration, the woman who ran to get my husband, the people who alerted the EMTs, ambulance and security, and the professionals who took over and got us to Primary Children's Medical Center.

I just wanted everyone to know that your willingness to help is a big reason why our little boy is healthy today and contentedly resting his head on my shoulder and sucking his fist, and why I am refreshing my CPR knowledge. Thank you.

Shelly Edmonds