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Government action


At its meeting Thursday, Aug. 17, the City Council:

- Approved purchasing property at Oakridge Drive and Cherry Lane intersection for development of a safer intersection.

- Gave final approval on subdivisions including: Seneca Cove, 2372 East Oakridge Drive; Cottonwood, 2472 East Kays Creek Drive; Woodland Park, 1600 North 1000 West.

- Received $3,000 from Sam's Club, 1055 W. Hillfield Road, for industrial development.

- Approved the sale of four city owned homes along Gordon Avenue for $30,500.


During its Aug. 15 meeting, the Davis County Commision:

- Revised the county personnel policy allowing employees air time on cellular phones for personal use at the government rate. The policy requires employees pre-approve and pay for personal calls.

- Approved 20 equalization contracts for a property tax decrease after citizens appealed and county appraisers agreed with the home value decreases.

Woods Cross

In its meeting Aug. 15, the City Council:

- Heard resident LaVere Terry express his concerns about the lack of a sidewalk on a portion of 1500 South (which was built years ago when sidewalks were not required), and that the speed limit in residential areas is too low at 15 miles per hour.

West Bountiful

In its meeting Aug. 15, the City Council:

- Authorized City Administrator Wendell Wild to proceed with landscaping of a West Bountiful water tank located at 500 North and 600 East in Bountiful.

- Expressed concern that police officers who volunteer their time to go out on experimental bicycle patrols are not being compensated. Council members said they liked the idea of the patrols. Police Chief Wayne Jeppson said pairs of officers on bikes have been surprisingly capable - even succeeding in pulling over a drunk driver on one occasion.


In its Aug. 15 meeting, the City Council:

- Held a public hearing and approved rezoning one acre at 200 West and 300 North from commercial to residential multifamily.

- Held a public hearing and approved rezoning 6.3 acres at Fairfield Road and Boynton Road from agricultural to residential.

- Approved vacating a portion of 200 West, northeast of Main Street to accommodate the new Bowman's Thriftway store. A new road, 60-feet wide, will curve around the store from 500 North, providing access to Main Street between Subway Sandwiches and Dick's Tire Center.

- Approved a request for a pedestrian walkway on the narrow 50 West Street. A bid of $19,725 was accepted to put in a 5-foot strip of asphalt along 1,970 feet of the east side of the road with a strip of gravel between it and 50 West. - Approved Wilkie Estates subdivision, phases two and three, near 200 North and Phillips Street.

- Set a special meeting for Tuesday, Aug. 22, 7 p.m., to award paving projects for Old Mill Lane and Rolling Green.

- Voted to cancel the fall cleanup this year. City crews will not pick up extra trash during October, but residents are encouraged to take advantage of the reduced $5 dumping fee at the burn plant in October.

Fruit Heights

In its Aug. 15 meeting, the City Council:

- Reviewed the proposed fencing ordinance and sent it back to the Planning Commission for revisions.

- Held a public hearing and approved the fee of $3 a month for each additional garbage container residents have when the city converts to an automated pickup system in September. The fee for one container is $14.49 a month.

- Authorized the city manager to send a letter to the developers of Coventry Meadows, explaining all the curb and gutter and asphalt work agreed to must be completed.

West Point

In a recent meeting, the City Council:

- Honored Barbara Langston and her committee for their work on the city's Fourth of July celebration.

- Approved a contract with Gilson McKellar and McWhorter for engineering work in the city.

- Approved the Davis County sheriff's contract agreement.