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The commercial section of the U.S. Embassy was evacuated for two hours Tuesday after a bomb was found outside the building. But authorities said American interests did not appear to be the target.

A Russian bomb disposal squad defused the device, which consisted of a half-pound of TNT, a detonator and a timer, said Embassy spokesman Richard Hoagland. The main embassy is two doors from the commercial section."It's enough to do some damage, but not a particularly large device," Hoagland said.

The bomb was left in a bag near a newspaper kiosk outside the embassy office. Both Hoagland and a spokesman for the bomb squad, Sergei Vorobyov, said the commercial section, which employees 25 people, did not appear to be the target.

"Everyone agrees this was not directed at the Foreign Commercial Service or American citizens or American interests," Hoagland said.

Bombs are often used in Moscow to intimidate businesses who refuse to pay protection money to local gangs.