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Salt Lake County commissioners are calling for an end to swimsuits in the Miss Salt Lake County Fair pageant.

After attending the Aug. 12 pageant, Commissioner Mary Callaghan called the swimsuit competition "barbaric and antiquated." She had high praise for the women's talent and said it, along with community involvement, scholastic achievement, evening gown and interview competition should be enough to crown a Miss Salt Lake County Fair.Callaghan said the county hires equal opportunity officers to fight stereotypes including ones that portray women as sex objects.

"We are spending money trying to repair the ravages of this discrimination. It is too late and too expensive to correct after the damage is done," she said.

The commissioners are threatening to pull their support of the pageant next year unless the swimsuit competition is changed.

"The era of catcalls and wolf whistles is over. I am embarrassed that the fine young women competing in the pageant were subjected to this degrading and humiliating part of an otherwise excellent program," Commissioner Randy Horiuchi said.

Callaghan said while the county supports many youth programs, it would no longer support those that judge human physique or practice discrimination.