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Ogden City Councilwoman Bonnie McDonald, citing the need for cleaner neighborhoods and a new public safety building, has decided to give up her re-election bid to try for mayor.

McDonald, 52, has represented Ward 4 for the past eight years. She now wants a turn at the city's top spot and its $58,500 annual salary."I want to be a mayor seven days a week, 24 hours a day," she said. "In the past eight years, I've shown I have passion for Ogden."

She and Dar Belnap, a two-time mayoral candidate, will challenge incumbent Glenn Mecham in an Oct. 3 primary.

McDonald's council term ends in January. Both she and Mecham said her quest for his job will not create friction while she is still on the council.

"I have a very specific vision for Ogden and for the methods for approaching and achieving those goals," Mecham said. "Bonnie has a different perspective. I understand and respect that."

McDonald said the City Council made the construction of a new public safety building a priority more than three years ago, but the administration has not followed through.

The city also needs to pursue plans to refurbish neighborhoods and maintain city-owned buildings, she said.