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I see in the paper a clamor to erase the sales tax on food. It's a good idea that most people would vote for. It is a bad tax that should never have been in the first place.

But fellow taxpayers, beware. There is no way the politicians will give up that $110 million per year. If they don't get it from tax on food, they will get it some other way.Hark back to the 1982 days of the Tax Rate Reduction Act. Remember that before that we did not have to pay federal tax on the state sales tax, but now we do, and several other deductions were taken away. The point is that the changes at that time cost me an extra $1,500 in taxes that year.

Let us consider the latest fiasco that our lawmakers perpetrated: the $90 million property tax relief. The print was not even dry before the rush to make up for the loss of revenue.

Fellow taxpayers, has any of that $90 million appeared in our property tax notices? Can we afford any more rate reductions?

I would like to see that tax on food eliminated, but I'll never spend any of the savings until the gimmick used to make up the difference is made public. Beware.

Clyde A. Archer