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A Moab man was killed in an apparent hit-and-run accident Friday, and a friend of the man was arrested after brandishing a weapon in an attempt to find the driver.

Killed was:Paul Allen Plumb, 30.

Plumb's body was found near the intersection of Tusher and Millcreek Drive early Friday morning, police said. He had head injuries and broken legs. No suspect has been charged in the accident.

In a related incident, a friend of the deceased was arrested for assault as he attempted to find the driver in the hit-and-run accident. After the man brandished a firearm while speaking to other friends of the victim, who asked him to call off his search, officers were called to the scene.

After a short car chase officers arrested the man at his home. The man was charged with possession of a dangerous weapon, a concealed weapon, a firearm in a vehicle, threat with a weapon and aggravated assault.