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The Census Bureau says mothers who get food stamps are younger, have more children and began having children earlier than those who do not get the assistance.

Overall, about 5.3 million of the 36 million mothers age 15 to 44 received food stamps during the summer of 1993, the bureau said Tuesday in a statistical brief.The average age of mothers who received food stamps was 30, the report found, compared with an average of 34 for mothers who were not receiving the assistance. There were 26 children for every 10 food stamp mothers, compared to 21 for mothers not receiving stamps.

On average, mothers getting the stamps were 20 years old when they had their first child, compared to 23 for other mothers. The report found that 27 percent of food stamp mothers had their first child before age 18, compared with 15 percent of other mothers.

It also found that about one in three black mothers of childbearing age were food stamp recipients, compared to one in nine whites and one in four Hispanics, and that foreign-born mothers were slightly less likely to receive food stamps than mothers born in the United States.