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VOLCANO AND IRIS: Montserrat islanders who fled their homes under the shadow of a rumbling volcano were warned Thursday to lash down their tent ropes to prepare for the arrival of another natural disaster - Hurricane Iris. "We have a live volcano in our back garden," Gov. Frank Savage told residents of the Caribbean island in a radio broadcast. "As if we didn't have enough problems to worry about already, we do have . . . Iris."CATNAPPER: A London judge on Wednesday ordered a man jailed for three months for stealing a cat and demanding a $15,000 ransom for its release. The man, an estate agent, was arrested as he handed over the cat, a Persian named William, for the ransom money. The judge of the Old Bailey criminal court said the man had shamelessly taken advantage of the owner, a female colleague of his, knowing that the cat was almost like a child for her. The man said he had taken the cat because the woman had owed him money from a property transaction.

Across the nation

JERRY VISITS FLORIDA: Tropical storm Jerry crawled across Florida Thursday, snarling traffic with heavy rain and 40 mph winds and worrying residents who recently went through Hurricane Erin. Far from land, two hurricanes sailed across the Atlantic. In the busiest Atlantic storm season in decades, Humberto and Iris became hurricanes within 12 hours Wednesday, and the storm off Florida strengthened to tropical storm status to become Jerry. The two hurricanes were so far at sea they were no immediate danger to land.

FOUND COMPETENT: A judge is aiming for December as the start of John Salvi III's trial on murder charges in a shooting rampage that left two women dead at abortion clinics. Superior Court Judge Barbara Dortch-Okara ruled Wednesday that Salvi was competent for trial. Salvi, 23, has said he wants to stand trial and will accept the death penalty if convicted. No trial date was set, but the judge said she was working for December. Salvi, from Hampton, N.H., is charged with killing two receptionists and wounding five other people in the Dec. 30 shootings at two suburban Boston clinics.