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You can buy hair spray, baby clothes, neckties and wedding rings at Crossroads Plaza. Now you can look for a government job there, too.

This latest change arrives courtesy of "Access Utah," a user-friendly computer encased in a kiosk that guides interested individuals step-by-step through job listings. The system is interactive and responds to a fingertip touched to its brightly colored screen.It was developed through a partnership involving the state, Job Service and Salt Lake City government, libraries and arts council.

"This is a new era in government, and it plays right into our need to do more with less," Gov. Mike Leavitt said at an official unveiling of the kiosk Wednesday. "This is a wonderful accomplishment that literally is only the beginning."

Leavitt predicted that people soon could not only look for jobs, but also use the kiosk to take care of other things such as getting a fishing license.

Leavitt, joking about the fact that he and Salt Lake Mayor Deedee Corradini are up for election soon, demonstrated the system by searching for a job opening in the Cedar City area.

Corradini noted that users can head for the kiosk to get information about cultural events, recreation and other local activities and attractions.

"We also want to talk about the fun things to do in our city," Corradini said, demonstrating how to find the Utah Symphony's schedule. "We hope for our tourists that it will be a marvelous facility as well."

Users are eased through the system's listing of jobs or other information by instructions voiced by a helpful computerized guide. Among other things, users can check for work in particular fields as well as geographic areas of the state.

The system also includes information on such things as worker training programs, unemployment benefits, government meetings and conferences.

This is first such kiosk, and plans are under way to install another in Green River. Ultimately, as many as 50 or 60 will be located throughout the state in malls, grocery stores and other places open to the public. All levels of government are invited to take part.

The Crossroads Plaza kiosk is located on the north side of the escalator by the Main Street entrance.