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May 16...The general election is held. Rose Taveapont, Raymond Murray, and Larry Blackhair win.

May 18...The Election Commission began fielding complaints about possible election violations.May 24...The New Business Committee members are sworn into office.

Late May/Early June...The Election Commission ruled there were election violations on the parts of the three newly elected business committee members. The Commissioners declared the election and its results invalid.

June 16...The three winners file a lawsuit alleging their civil rights were violated because the election commission didn't allow them to defend themselves against the alleged violations.

June 27...The Ute Tribal Court assumed jurisdiction citing the Indian Civil Rights Act.

June 29...The Ute's Appellate Court issued an order claiming the Tribal Court didn't have jurisdiction. The judge ordered the election commission to hold due process hearings by July 6.

July 7...The election commission on its own authority held due process hearings on the alleged election violations.

July 11...Tribal Judge George Tah-Bone issued an order recognizing the new business committee members. He swore them into office a second time.

July 12...The Bureau of Indian Affairs recognizes Tah-Bone's court order and the new business committee members.

July 18...The Tribe's Appellate Court ruled that the Tribal Court didn't have jurisdiction and that the election commission had followed the law. The Appellate court declared the seating of the new committee members "null and void."

July 19...The new Business Committee members served the Appellate Court with notice that a hearing on their appointments would be held at 10 a.m. on July 24. New Appellate court judges are appointed by the new business committee.

July 20...The new Appellate Court found their predecessors without "standing" to issue the July 18th order.

July 24...The old Appellate Court judges are dismissed by the new business committee.

July 25...Federal Court Judge Dee Benson recognizes the old business committee until a "new lawful elected business committee is elected and installed."

July 26...A second general election is held. The same candidates emerge victorious.

Aug. 3...The Tribal Court issued an injunction preventing the Election Commission from issuing any decisions on challenges to the July 26 elections.

Aug. 4-7...Despite the court order, the Election Commission heard challenges from tribal members and disqualified the July 26th election winners.

Aug. 7...The tribal court issued an order that the challenges weren't significant to warrant disqualification. The judge also ordered the old business committee to certify the July 26 election results by 2 p.m. Aug. 8. The old business committee refused to comply with the court order.

Aug. 8...The Tribal Court issued an order recognizing the new Business Committee. The BIA opts to recognize the Tribal Court's order and thus recognizes the new Business Committee.

Aug. 11...The new Business Committee members are sworn in for the third time.

Aug. 14...The Tribal Court issued an order restraining Stuart Pike from acting as committee chairman. The order also restrained election losers and former business committee members Floyd Wopsock and Smiley Arrowchis from acting as business committee members.