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Parents Lee and Richard Wicklund got their ardent wish: one son indicted on federal conspiracy charges and another son set free.

A federal grand jury Wednesday handed up an indictment against Eric Wolfgang Wicklund, 33, Ogden. Eric Wicklund allegedly plotted the murder of Idaho state trooper Robert Laumann. Eric Wicklund is married to Laumann's ex-wife and allegedly wanted to kill the trooper so his wife could have custody of her children and the proceeds from Laumann's life insurance policy.But the grand jury did not indict older brother Michael Wicklund, 37, Downey, Idaho. Last week, U.S. Magistrate Ronald Boyce concluded the government didn't have enough evidence to hold Michael Wicklund. Boyce dismissed the criminal complaint against him and ordered him released from jail, where he had been held for two weeks.

"I just want my son Michael out of this," Lee Wicklund told the Deseret News a week earlier. But Eric should be jailed, she said. "Eric is a sociopath - he has no feeling at all. . . . I want nothing to do with him."

Wednesday's indictment recounts the details included in the criminal information filed against the brothers on Aug. 4. Eric Wicklund allegedly expected Laumann's death to launch his prolific and profitable career as a hit man, bragging to an informant that he expected to kill eight or nine people a month, making "vast sums of money," according to the criminal complaint.

Eric Wicklund allegedly bought several guns from an undercover police officer that would be used to kill Laumann.