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In an effort to preserve the rural charm of South Jordan's past from being plowed under and buried forever, members of the South Jordan Arts Council are soliciting the help of the community's residents to assist them in putting together a stage production based on the town's history.

"We see the genre of South Jordan changing from rural farmlands to an urban community. We want newcomers to feel a sense of belonging and we desire to share the fruits of past generations with those who occupy the land now," said Lori Wenerstrom, a member of the committee."In an effort to promote unity and appreciation, we would like to relive some of our rich heritage in the format of a theatrical play," she said.

The committee has an immediate need for writers to draft a script for the production. It's suggested that scenes be included from a recently completed volume of history, "From Dugouts to Temple Spires: A Century of South Jordan," compiled by the South Jor-dan Historical Society with stories taken from journals and other sources.

Script submissions must be reviewed by mid-November in order to prepare for the planned production of the play in July 1996.

The community has several other events scheduled in conjunction with the centennial event.

Students, from kindergarten through high school, will be involved in writing and illustrating essays about what it's like to live in South Jordan today. These selections will be compiled in a catalog and the entire collection will be sealed in a time capsule.

The arts council also plans an organized tour of historical sights and related activities that will acquaint (or re-acquaint) citizens with the area. There will also be an art exhibit featuring the region - past and present - in visual art, photography and sculpture.

Fund-raisers for the cultural arts events will include an old-timers' meal with live entertainment.

Wenerstrom said any residents with experience as directors, musicians, composers, dancers, artists and other talents in the performing and visual arts area, or those with other ideas worth initiating, contact the South Jordan City Offices at 254-3742.