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"Overnight success."

It's a common Hollywood expression, usually reserved for an actor who becomes a big star thanks to one hit movie. (Think Jim Carrey.)Before that hit, however, the actor has probably been struggling for a number of years in lesser-known films and television series. And, of course, some never do get beyond the struggle.

But the phrase might also be applied to working character actors whose stock is boosted by a hit movie, as with R.D. Call and Christine Cavanaugh. These two once-struggling Hollywood actors - both former Utahns - have managed to carve out different niches in the industry, and both will doubtless see their careers benefit from the prominent performances they deliver in "Waterworld" and "Babe," respectively.

Interestingly enough, both Call and Cavanaugh hail from Layton, though they don't know each other. And in separate interviews, they said they frequently return to Utah for vacations and visit their families here on holidays - and each expressed a desire to live here again one day.

As Call put it, "Eventually, maybe someday, I'd like to move back. I don't like living in Southern California. Nobody does. It's a transitory city."