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A murder charge against a Charleston, Wasatch County, antique dealer has been dismissed because prosecutors believe the woman acted in self-defense.

Roslyn Stewart, 56, was charged with murder, a first-degree felony, after she shot and killed Allen Lee Watters during an argument July 18. She told police the man beat her and threatened her with a .30-caliber semi-automatic rifle."It was either jump out of the window or face him and I knew with that rifle, he could shoot me in the back if I tried to get away," Stewart said.

The woman, who celebrated her 56th birthday Friday, said the dismissal "is the best birthday present of my life."

The argument began as Watters, a Vietnam War veteran, became drunk and smashed his friend in the face with the butt of the rifle. As the friend, John Dustin Yoder, fled the house, Stewart ran to her bedroom and grabbed her phone and .45-caliber pistol.

The woman confronted Watters on the steps of her pioneer-era house, where she fended off his attacks with a phone and her feet.

"I warned him eight times but he kept coming," she said. "I kept asking him, `Why?' He just repeated over and over, `I'm going to get you.' "

As the man charged for the last time, Stewart fired her .45 into his right side. Watters died later at a nearby hospital.

The woman spent eight days in the Wasatch County Jail before her release on $50,000 bail.