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Local government

Highland City Council

In its regular council meeting this week, the City Council:

- Approved a written agreement to renew ambulance and recreation services between Highland and American Fork and to establish water and local fire service with Alpine Fire Department.

An earlier verbal agreement had been reached between Highland and Alpine to invite Alpine to provide Highland with fire services.

Effective Sept. 1., Highland will cease receiving fire services from American Fork. A Highland city employee will convert one bay of the Water Company Warehouse to be used as a Highland fire substation for the time being.

Highland will bear the cost of upgrading the building as part of its contribution to the joint organization and will house a pumper for the initial Highland response and protection.

Council members agreed that Alpine will move a pumper into the Water Company Warehouse, but Highland will eventually need to purchase a pumper to augment the total fire interlocal operation.

- Approved a policy stating that if a landowner purchases the materials, the city will provide labor and equipment for sidewalk repairs.

John Newman said a number of sidewalks in the city are breaking and heaving. In some cases, the situation presents a danger to pedestrians, he said. Such sidewalks are on private property, but some are also on public property.

Projected costs could range from $3,000 to $5,000.

- Approved the hiring of a crossing guard at 10400 N. Alpine Highway. The guard would assist students attending Mountain Ridge Junior High School. Council members said a guard will be hired before school begins Sept. 22.