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Skating history

Skating supposedly dates back to 1000 B.C. when early Scandinavians made ice skates from reindeer's rib bones.By 1742, the world's first skating club, in Edinburgh, Scotland, required candidates to qualify for membership by jumping over a row of three top hats.

Roller Skates, with four metal wheels in a rectangle, were invented by Belgian Jospeh Merlin in 1760, and American James Plimpton patented roller skates that turned through curves in 1863.

In-line roller skates, with plastic wheels in a row, arrived in the mid-80's, and now America has an estimated 14 million in-line skaters.

Today's newest RollerBall skate design uses polyurethane material for both wheels and friction brake. This gives skaters maneuverability and a "lean angle" up to 60 degrees from vertical, compared to 40 degree with conventional skates.

Best brushoffs

Last year, Fitness magazine asked its readers to send in their favorite pickup lines heard in the gym. This year, they've asked for the best brushoff lines. The top lines were reported in the magazine:

"I like to LIFT dead weights, not date them."

"Talk about low impact... is that your best line?

"If only your IQ was as large as your biceps."

"Hey buddy, take a long walk off a short treadmill."