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For the past few months I have been increasingly disturbed by the opinion letters from victims of sycophantic politicians who have led these people to believe that the current Congress is robbing the poor to pad the pockets of the rich.

These disciples of the Church of the Poor vs. the Rich continue to spew forth the litany fed to them so carefully over the years that the rich got rich by sucking the lifeblood from the poor and that once rich, the rich horde their great treasures while they sit back to enjoy an afternoon of watching the poor starve to death.These acolytes have been taught from their youth the Doctrine of Rights, which claims that all Americans have the right to affordable health care, an adequate income, a college education, a warm home and plenty of food to eat. And though not published by their leaders, this doctrine means that all members of the Church of the Poor vs. the Rich have a right to take from their rich neighbors that which their neighbors earned from hard work.

Of course, the Doctrine of Rights must be practiced in a distant and wholesale fashion in order to avoid endangering the safety and sense of self-righteousness of the church's members. This is accomplished by hiring a very large collection agency (the Internal Revenue Service) to go to the rich neighbor's house to collect.

The doctrines of the Church of the Poor vs. the Rich are completely false. While a few individuals achieve financial success by illicit means, the overwhelming majority of the rich earned their wealth through hard work. The idea that the rich must "pay their fair share" is nothing more than the battle cry of politicians who seek the power to redistribute wealth as a means of purchasing votes. People do not have the right to extract from others a comfortable lifestyle free of the necessity of work and the possibility of financial hardship.

And the fact is that government has only one source of money: the people. It can take money from the people in the form of taxes. It can borrow money from the people, which must be paid back with money taken from the people in the form of taxes. Or it can print money, diluting the value of the people's money, in effect taking it from the people in the form of unseen taxes. Collecting taxes from business is nothing more than a mechanism for collecting taxes from the owners and customers. Only people pay taxes.

Corporations (and other business forms) are not demons full of greed, bent on exploiting the poor. A business is nothing more than an organization of people (owners and employees) that have come together to profitably produce a product or service that people (or other businesses) will buy.

And when a business receives a tax break, profits increase, which allows it to pay more to its employees and owners, employ more people, provide customers with improved products or services, expand and prepare for the future, stabilize operations and provide security for its employees and owners.

So the next time a lobbyist or politician works for tax cuts, be thankful that someone on Capitol Hill is on our side, because there are far more of them on the Hill trying to persuade Congress to spend more and more of our money.

Tyler Jensen