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The head nurse at the Citadel infirmary scolded Shannon Faulkner Friday for blaming caretakers for keeping her in the infirmary throughout her first week as the military college's first female cadet.

"Shame on Shannon Faulkner. We, the Citadel infirmary staff, await her retraction and apology," said Beth Summerford, head nurse."Ms. Faulkner was our patient at her own request for four and one-half days. She knows the unfairness and untruthfulness in implying that we caused her con-di-tion or made it worse," Summer-ford added.

There are eight registered nurses in the Citadel infirmary.

Faulkner, who ended her 21/2- year battle to join the school's Corps of Cadets the same week she entered the school, told ABC newsmagazine "PrimeTime Live" on Wednesday that she was concerned physicians might have tried to keep her sick.

Faulkner began military training Aug. 14 with a class of nearly 600 freshman cadets but was felled by a heat-related illness after performing various drills.

"I went to the infirmary because I got sick. All my veins collapsed," she said in the nationally televised interview. "The vomiting continued through Thursday."

Summerford said Faulkner, 20, was given "every test indicated, including sending her to Roper Hospital for additional diagnostic testing."

But on Aug. 18, Faulkner checked out of the infirmary and the Citadel, citing stress.

About 30 men also withdrew the first week.