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Not one, not two, but three talented Utahns will join the cast of "Les Miserable."

Kurk Davidson, Robbyn Thompson Scribner and D.B. Bonds will be added to the cast as soon as next week.Davidson, a hairdresser and actor/director from Lindon, will be the understudy for the lead of Jean Valjean. He says he was too numb to get a lot of details, but he will join the cast as an understudy in Reno in four weeks and until then will be part of the ensemble. In fact, Davidson has tickets for the last performance of "Les Miz" but will not be able to attend because he will be in the show that night.

Scribner, a recent graduate of BYU and valedictorian of her class, will be in the ensemble and also understudy for the part of Madame Thenardier. Scribner is currently in St. George in the cast of "Utah." She will join the "Les Miz" cast next week.

Bonds recently moved to Utah from South Carolina and won't be staying here long. He will also join the cast next week as a member of the ensemble.

More than 500 people showed up Tuesday to audition for the play, and three actually made it.

Nothing has been released yet about the children's auditions held Wednesday.