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Utah Republicans are responding to a coordinated advertising campaign that criticizes proposed cuts in the federal budget by the GOP majority in Congress.

GOP state chairman Stan Parrish says the ads, some of which have been running on Utah television stations, claim to represent the interest of working men and women.But the ads "don't represent the best interests of the average worker, no matter what tired rhetoric the labor puppet and its ventriloquist (President Clinton) would have us believe," says Parrish.

One claim is that reductions in federal spending will result in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's Utah operations would lose four of its 19 inspectors. Some Utah workplaces would only be visited by a safety inspector once every 55 years, Parrish claims the ads say. "If the loss of four (local) inspectors means 55 years between visits for some businesses, then the addition of four inspectors wouldn't help much, would it?" says Parrish.