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I fully agree with Susanne Morley's comments regarding the Smith's Balloon Fest held in Park City.

My family and I decided to ride up and spend the entire day at the fest, planning on leaving after the balloons went up. Our first mistake was not checking to see what the charge of admission was. If I had known it was going to cost my family of four $50 to get in, we would have gladly spent the day at Lagoon.My two little ones wanted a pony ride. so we got in line. After a 20-minute wait, we were asked if we had purchased a ticket. There was a charge for this also, and to purchase the tickets we had to backtrack approximately 200 feet, stand in another line and stand in the first line another 20 minutes to finally get a pony ride. We found that this was the case with just about everything else.

I'm sure each vendor who had a booth was charged to participate in the festival, so my question is this: Was the small section of booths giving free food samples paid for by Smith's or donated by the companies that use them as a promotional device? Smith's had its own booths, but if you wanted something, you had to pay. What did the outrageous admission fee go toward?

In my opinion, Smith's Food & Drug took advantage of everyone who bought a ticket. Once you drive to Park City and hike to the ticket booth, the chances of your turning away and going back are slim.

Melissa Francis