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The Naval ROTC program at the University of Utah will celebrate its 50th anniversary Sept. 8 with many members of the original class planning to attend a Salt Lake reunion.

"We've found 90 of the original 186 sailors," said Larry Norman, who lives in Salt Lake and was part of the original class. "We expect at least 50 men from the group to attend."Still to be located is Richard Bowen, the only class member originally from Salt Lake City. "All of us were active-duty Navy," Norman said, coming from naval stations around the country. "I remember boarding a train at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station in Illinois on a Sunday and arriving in Salt Lake on a Tuesday or Wednesday."

The entire group remained on active duty during the first year in the U. ROTC program. Some 39 members of the class remained in Utah after being discharged in 1946. The bell from the USS Utah, a converted battleship sunk during the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor, has been on display at the entrance to the Naval Science building on the U. campus since 1968.

The reunion opens at 2 p.m. Sept. 8 at the Salt Lake Hilton.