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The 6th Marine Division, distinguished for its service during World War II, is holding its 25th annual reunion through today at the Salt Lake Marriott Hotel.

The division, which was formed overseas and later disbanded in China at the end of the war, participated in the April 1, 1945, invasion of Okinawa. All units participating at Okinawa were involved in earlier battles of the war.Several Utahns were members of the division, at least three of whom are attending the reunion. They are:

- Former Pfc. Leon Paice, of Beaver, reunion chairman, one of seven individuals who survived the bloody battle for Sugar Loan Hill, which overlooked the city of Naha, Okinawa. Paice was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received later in the Okinawa campaign.

- Paul W. Smith, a retired Salt Lake podiatrist and former medical corpsman who was wounded while giving blood plasma to a fellow Marine on Okinawa. Smith also was presented the Purple Heart.

- Former Cpl. Wesley Bush, St. George, who was a chief scout for the 6th Division's 22nd Regiment. He was awarded the Bronze Star for gallantry in action at Okinawa.