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Best-seller lists usually focus on sprinter books - those that sell quickly over a short period of time. But the really hefty sales often come from less glamorous titles that may not be fast out of the gate, but that sell and sell and sell.

Such is the case with the "Star Trek" books that Simon & Schu-ster has been publishing since 1979. Every minute, according to the publisher, 13 "Star Trek" books are sold. All told, there are now 130 separate titles and 65 million "Star Trek" books in print.So it was no surprise when the publisher's interactive division announced the shipment of 300,000 copies of its newest "Trek" title, "Star Trek Omnipedia," the largest initial order for a CD-ROM product by a traditional book publisher.

While many CD-Rom titles, like books, sell 20,000 or so copies, the "Star Trek" CD-ROM from last year, "Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive Technical Manual," has sold 290,000 copies.

The "Omnipedia," which can be operated with specific voice commands, is a collection of fact, lore, trivia and "Star Trek" history that includes 2,000 photographs as well as dozens of movie bits and animations. The CD-ROM, which will be sold for $55 to $60, went on sale in mid-August.