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The 1995 Davis County Fair was an unabashed success, officials say, and next year's will be even better. "It was terrific," County Commissioner Dannie McConkie said.

Fair Director Kim Novak estimated attendance over the four days of the fair that ended Saturday night at 30,000, twice the head count of last year. No admission is charged, so crowd estimates are based on vendor figures and car counts, she said.McConkie said the crowds were a little thin during the day but swelled at night as people were attracted by the live entertainment, exhibits, rodeo and food and drink offerings.

"Some of the vendors said it got a little slow during the day but overall they were very pleased," McConkie said. "There was a huge crowd of people. The parking lot was full, we had people parked up and down the road."

"We're not looking to make it the biggest county fair in the state, only the best-quality fair," he said.

He noted the fair had to compete on Saturday afternoon with the open house and air show at Hill Air Force Base, which drew an estimated 300,000 people. But many of those left the base and then stopped off at the fair on their way home, he said.

"It was a great event," said Novak, the fair's first full-time director.

"On Saturday night, after the rodeo, we had people hanging out. They didn't want to go home. We arranged an impromptu concert and they stayed on. Closing it at 10 p.m. is too early," she said.

Novak said there were no problems attributed to the sale of beer at the fair, which was available for the first time in its history. Rooster's, an Ogden restaurant and microbrewery, sold food and samples of its beer in the food court.

Novak said of the 10 kegs of beer brought to the fair, only four were sold so "there was no rowdiness, no one got drunk and there were no problems. It was a very small part of the overall fair."