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I was disappointed the Deseret News may not have had a reporter and a photographer at Airport No. 2 in West Jordan the day the paratroopers jumped.

The article that appeared in the Deseret News, Aug. 11, by the Associated Press stated at least 27 paratroopers were injured due to the wind before "dozens of stunned spectators."There were thousands of spectators.

For many blocks, autos were parked along Bingham Highway, on the airport road and in the parking lot. Police were directing traffic.

After the short program, songs were sung by the Army chorus. Did the Deseret News have a reporter there to hear the moving prayer by the chaplain? The chorus singing "God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood?

After the program, the young paratroopers mingled with the hundreds of spectators.

Eyes were filled with tears of gratitude as we watched the brave young men descend from the planes. Because of the huge crowd, some were unaware of the injuries until they saw the ambulances.

LaVerne A. Diehl

Salt Lake City