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My heart goes out to the Phillips and Neddo families in this time of their grief. The same kind of accident occurred 13 years ago to our family. Another 16-year-old driver ran up onto the sidewalk and hit our 14-year-old grandson.

The names change but the ultimate outcome remains the same. The pain has never left, but we have learned to go on without one of our own.The confusing part to me is that the paper reports "Teen's blood alcohol was over the legal limit." I was under the impression that a 16-year-old has no "legal limit." Wasn't he too young to be drinking at all? Has the law changed? At any rate he won't be able to keep his license because he didn't have one. That is small consolation for two lives.

It is time that people, even young people, are made accountable for their actions.

Frances Maldonado

Salt Lake City