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Buying a new car can be an ordeal for anyone. To take some of the trauma out of car shopping, the Council of Better Business Bureaus has a new booklet to help people of all ages.

Called "Tips on Buying a New Car," the 16-page publication covers such topics as:- How to decide how much money you can afford to spend and which type of car best suits your needs.

- How to research various models and narrow your choices.

- How to obtain current price lists to compare dealer costs with sticker prices on the showroom floor.

- How to bargain and how to use a car-buying service if you find negotiating stressful or distasteful.

This publication is one of about 70 similar pamphlets put out by this nonprofit organization. Another, called "Tips on Automobile Insurance," covers that often confusing topic.

To obtain a single copy of either publication, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope and $2 to the Council of Better Business Bureaus Inc., Dept. 023, Washington, DC 20042-0023.

- Maturity News Service

Altitude requires caution

A bit of caution is advisable when you head for the mountains. The air gets thinner with altitude, providing the body with less oxygen and causing more rapid breathing, notes Dr. John L. Ho of the international health-care service of New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center.

"You lose more fluids to evaporation as the number of air exchanges increases," he said. "And the air pressure is lower, down to half an atmosphere at 10,000 feet, compared with one atmosphere at sea level, so liquids evaporate much faster."

The sweating from climbing and walking also increases fluid loss. To avoid dehydration, drink plenty of fluids, preferably with some salts if you are exerting yourself, Ho said.

- New York Times News Service