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Use other door: Convicted killer Ron Lafferty, who's in the Utah County Jail awaiting a new trial, made an appearance in court last week. When the hearing was postponed, Lafferty stood up and said something like, "Sorry, folks. Show's over. You can turn your cameras off."

As he talked, he started to stroll out of the courtroom as if he were on his way home.A jail guard, taken aback for just a couple of seconds, asked him if he was planning to escape.

"That's not a bad idea," said Lafferty, who at the time was wearing a cloth "Exit Only" sign tucked into the back of his orange jail garb.

`Come as you are' party: In an open letter to the citizens of Santaquin published in the Aug. 23 issue of the Payson Chronicle, Mayor Keith Broadhead advised people who planned to lodge protests to the new zoning ordinance to "please not come to the meeting angry and uniformed."

Does that mean just cancel the order on the matching black T-shirts?

The times are a changin': The new $4 million Children's Library in Orem is state of the art in more ways than just architecture and media services.

The men's room - as well as the ladies' room - features a diaper-changing station.

Seems like a pretty significant acknowledgment of the slowly "changing" perception of male/female roles to us.

Window shade: Just a sidelight on the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival - which has paid for a major part of the new library through the efforts of the Friends of the Library, spearheaded by Karen Ashton.

Ashton's husband, Alan, as you know, started WordPerfect Corporation.

We thought it illuminating that this year's theme is "Windows to the Imagination."

Given its history, shouldn't it be "Windows 6.0 to the Imagination?" Or maybe given all the hoopla over Microsoft's latest, how about "Windows 95 to the Imagination?" That's probably blasphemy around here.

Insight: Utah County Commissioner Gary Herbert is starting to wear his glasses in commission meetings. He's had them for years but hasn't donned them in public much.

When asked why he's all of a sudden looking good, Herbert said, "I got tired of people looking up here and thinking I was the dumb one."

Oh, and by the way, Gary, take a gander at the registration sticker on your car. Seems to say "expired in March 1995." Have you forgotten that "Loose Change" had to remind you about this in 1993? Herbert, who lives in Orem, might not want to come before Orem Circuit Court Judge Joseph I. Dimick if he were issued a ticket . . . The judge, as you recall, recently failed to register the car he was driving, too. Then again, maybe he'd find a sympathetic ear.

How about some M&Ms: The people who built the new Best Western motel in Lehi are obviously new to Utah Valley. They haven't quite figured out the name of that big mountain to the east.

They apparently wanted to name the motel after the mountain, but something's missing. A tall sign adjacent to I-15 reads "Tipanogos Inn."

Last we heard it was called Mount Timpanogos.