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Ease into the back-to-school groove with some fun ideas to help your kids brush up on skills for their new grade level this fall. Read through these "refresher" activities, choose a couple that are appropriate for your child's abilities and do them together.

- Make a geography pizza for supper. First, consult an atlas, then roll out the pizza dough in the shape of your state. Spread the tomato sauce, then arrange on top a slice of pepperoni for your hometown or for the state capital, olive slices for other cities, grated cheese for hills, mushrooms for mountains etc. Bake.Before you eat, give your family a pizza geography lesson.

- Figure out how old family members will be in the year 2000. Then calculate individuals' ages 10 and 15 years from now.

- Walk around the block with an adult and count the number of steps you take. On your next walk around the block, estimate how long it will take and time yourself.

- Name and count all the vowel letters in the names of the members of your family. Don't forget your dog or your hamster.

- Cut out pictures and words from old magazines to make a collage about the things you did this summer. Tell someone about your collage. Or, make a list of summer "bests." For example, best movie, best hike, best picnic, best day, best ballgame, etc.

- Write a letter to someone you met this summer. Print the address on the envelope, buy a stamp and mail the letter.

- List everything you will need to do in the morning before you go out the door to school. Estimate how many minutes each task will take. What time will you need to get up this school year?

- Bake a big batch of your favorite cookie recipe. Put some in the freezer for school lunches.

- Start a growth chart. Record your height and weight monthly during the school year and calculate how much you grow.