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On behalf of the many residents of our neighborhood, I just wanted to write to express my thanks to West Valley City and its neighborhood services office for assistance in helping us deal with problems that seemed impossible to tackle on our own.

Our neighborhood has been vexed for the past two years with ongoing problems, including drive-by shootings, graffiti, vandalism, thefts, intimidation of young children and neighbors simply not knowing each other.In the few months since we mobilized, our community now has a sense of security. We have a network of neighbors involved and trained in neighborhood watch, which has resulted in dramatic decreases in vandalism, drive-by shootings and thefts. Schoolchildren in our neighborhood feel more at ease when they walk to and from school. But most importantly, neighbors in our area know each other, and they also know they can count on each other when they need help.

Rich Jacobsen

West Valley City