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Millard County Commission Coordinator Robyn Pearson has appeared at a waiver hearing in answer to several felony and misdemeanor criminal charges.

Pearson, whose title was changed from Millard County administrator to commission coordinator, appeared in court in Fillmore Thursday on a summons but was not arrested.The Millard County official faces several counts of failure to disclose a transaction to a government employer, theft of services, and abuse of an official position. They involve activities that allegedly occurred between June of 1992 and August of 1994.

After telephone calls and inquiries were received relative to alleged illegal activities, Millard County Attorney LeRay Jackson requested an investigation by the Millard County Sheriff's Department. The summons to appear in court on Aug. 10 was issued following the investigation.

Among the accusations are using county materials and services for his own benefit and abusing his office by accepting money as a consultant for private companies while employed by the county.