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Indian portrayals

American sculptor Cyrus E. Dallin (1861-1944) was born in Utah, studied in Boston and Paris, and taught at the Massachusetts School of Art. He is best-known for realistic portrayals of the American Indian.

His works include "Signal of Peace" in Chicago's Lincoln Park, "The Medicine Man" in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park, and "Pioneer Monument" in Salt Lake City.

Magazines & supermarkets

America's first magazines appeared in 1741 and were seen by a handful of readers.

Today, America has 3,500 magazines on every topic, with a combined circulation of more than 250 million reaching 81 percent of all households.

At first, magazines were sold mainly on newsstands. Now most single-most-copysales (70 percent) are made in supermarkets, where volume has grown 50 percent in the past 10 years. In that same period, 1,000 more magazine titles began publication.

More magazines and consumer demand have caused supermarkets across the country to display magazines not only at checkouts, but at aisle newstands within the store.

Strange place-name

How did Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, (founded in 1883) acquire its curious place-name? There are various explanations, say local townspeople.

One is that Medicine Hat is a translation of the Blackfoot Indian word Saams, meaning headdress of a tribal medicine man.

The name also is supposedly based on an Indian legend in which a Cree princess fell into the South Saskatchewan River here and was rescued by a cowboy who then brewed medicine in his hat, which saved her life.