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A bomb destroyed a car in Georgian leader Eduard Shevardnadze's motorcade Tuesday, moments before he emerged from the parliament building on his way to sign his troubled republic's new constitution.

Shevardnadze, chairman of the Georgian parliament and a former Soviet foreign minister, was walking down a hallway on his way to his car and was hit by flying glass. He was not seriously hurt."The entire nation will rally against terrorists and terrorism," said Shevardnadze, sitting in a hospital in his undershirt with cuts on his face. "I am sure we'll settle the score."

Aides said assassins were trying to prevent the leader from signing the new constitution, which would create a presidency with more powers than he now has.

The blast in downtown Tbilisi destroyed a car in Shevardnadze's motorcade and three others nearby. It also shattered all the windows on one side of the parliament building.