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Another business merger? Well, at least in flavor! Doritos and Taco Bell have joined up for new Taco Supreme chips. We found the 9-ounce bag on sale at Smith's for $1.79.

Don Russell (married, five children at home, ages 6-16): "This bag of Doritos didn't last too long at our house and probably won't last very long at your place, either. Doritos Taco Supreme features a tasty blend of traditional taco spices, cheeses and a wee bit of sour cream solids. My only complaint is that Frito-Lay continues to quietly shrink the sizes of its packages. I'd rather they raise prices if they must."Edyth Jensen (married, three children at home): "These seemed to go over big in our family. I think I got to try three or four of them. They sure disappeared in a hurry. They have a good spicy taco flavor, but not too strong. I'm sure we will be buying them again."

Nihla Lake (married, two children at home): "Next time send the chips in a plain brown wrapper! Our kids found them first. But we could tell from the crumbs that they were flavorful and zesty, one of the best taco chips that we've tried."

Linda C. Tingey (single mother, two teenage boys at home): "You're talking to one of the biggest fans of Doritos. Mmm, mmm, smack, smack! A great addition to the other flavors. Doritos has another hit on its hands."

Rich Firmage (married, four children, oldest 10 years old): "My oldest son inhaled these chips. In our family we each like a different type of chip. My oldest son's chip is Nacho Cheese Doritos. He said these were a lot like them but spicier. I didn't even get one. He snarfed just about all of them in 15 minutes. He'll most likely get me to buy him some more in the very near future."

Bill Allred (single): "Junk food at its best - if `best' can be applied to junk food. I love Doritos. Our producer here on the morning show at X-96, Jimmy Chunga, often brings in a bag of these snack chips to sustain me through a long radio performance. It's how he keeps his job - by keeping me in Doritos. This new taco flavor is great."

Conclusion: Nice collaboration Doritos and Taco Bell! These new chips will disappear faster than you can say "teenager!"