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As an active member of the performing arts community, I am writing the Forum to publicly voice my reaction to the retirement of Dorothy Stowe.

If Dorothy Stowe had been a critic for one of the major papers on the East or West coasts, she would be recognized as one of the best critics of all time. But here we are in Salt Lake City, with this treasure, and now she has decided to retire.Dorothy has been a devoted critic. Imagine writing a review for each year of the "Nutcracker" or the "Messiah." She wrote many opening-night reviews, but the amazing work she did is in attending additional performances to review subsequent casts. For a critic to attend second- and third-cast performances is exceptional. Dorothy understood that writing reviews required more than just an account of the performances.

Dear Dorothy will always retain a warm place in our hearts for all of the unselfish time she gave to the promotion of the arts in our community. We understand her decision and know we will still see her attending performances.

We realize the freedom she now has of, after the performance, no longer having to rush to the typewriter. But she cannot keep us from missing her always helpful reviews. She deserves all the best life can bring in her "golden years."

Bene Arnold

Professor, Department of Ballet

University of Utah