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Jesse Jackson is taking part in presidential preference polling in 18 cities this fall to assess prospects for a third campaign for the White House.

Jackson said Monday he will be listed on ballots distributed under the CityVote project on Nov. 7. The ballot contains names of candidates, whether Republican, Democratic or independent, who are organizing presidential campaigns with national significance.Jackson said he is participating in the balloting to call attention to a range of domestic issues. He stopped short of saying he will run for president, either as a Democrat or as an independent, but he did not rule it out either.

"I've not arrived at any conclusion about that," he said. "Clearly, the work we do in those cities will be a factor as we weigh our 1996 options."

His organization, the National Rainbow Coalition, is working to register a million new voters "to create more ballot access for independent political candidates" who advocate "enlightened public policy."

Meanwhile, Jackson urged President Clinton to pay more attention to core Democratic constituencies of minorities, women and organized labor.

"The burden, really, is upon the president revive that base, revive that message," Jackson said.

"I hope he will carry that message. Whether he does or not, the message will be carried. We will be in this equation in '96."