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An early morning narcotics sting at a West Salt Lake motel and trailer court resulted in 11 arrests Tuesday.

A multi-agency task force served warrants at the Chateau Motel and Trailer Court, 1999 W. North Temple, about 5:15 a.m."Evidently, (activity there) has been a cause for concern," Salt Lake police Sgt. Jim Faraone said. "Something of this size . . . would be indicative there was a problem."

Of the task force's 11 arrests, three were incidental to the raid. In one case, a man driving a suspected stolen car entered the parking lot where the task force was preparing, Faraone said.

An ambulance was called to the scene when a distracting device, a flash-bang, apparently caused ill effects to a person suffering from asthma. The person was treated and released.

Tuesday's sting operation netted an undisclosed amount of drugs and guns and included the FBI, Northern Utah Fugitive Task Force and Salt Lake police. SWAT teams from the Salt Lake County sheriff's office, Salt Lake City Police Department, Utah Department of Public Safety, Davis County sheriff's office, West Jordan Police Department and FBI also participated.